Sunday, December 31, 2006


Just wanted to say THANK YOU to two wonderful cousins (Luda and Sveta). They gave me this beautiful necklace from a NICE place. Can you guess which one??? As they told me "every woman needs something from Tiffany's ". And now I do. Thanks!!!

still kicking

yes, i managed to survive my birthday. lots of pictures to share.

Friday, December 22, 2006

15 hours and counting

Today I celebrate the last day of my twenties. Not the greatest decade and not the worst. Hopefully in my thirties i'll grow up ( a little). Any advice? any funny stories to share?

a few weeks ago I was shopping and came across the green shirt. Yep, that is the year I was born in. Wore it all day today, I even wore makeup to work. I think I scared a few people.

Well, tomorrow is the event, maybe i'll have pictures

dirty shet

I finally got the shetland triangle done. I dont know, but mine seems a bit tiny. no, i didn't take time to swatch, i know, bad girl. Its cute though. It will still be a gift but they have to use it as a head scarf or give it to some kid to play dress up. I dont have the exact measurements since my tape went missing. After this weekend's clean up, maybe i'll find it.
now that i see the looks really cute.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Inspired by dirty snow

This is turning out to be one of those "I never thought I would make one" project. The snow out side had inspired me to dig out some of my knitting/ crocheting books. As i skimmed through them, my eyes wondered over to Wrap Style. The Shetland Triangle called out to me. I tried to start it once but it looked wrong, so I never went back to it. This time around it worked out beautifully, well sort of. After doing two repeats of the body, I got distracted and knit one set of repeats on the wrong side and somewhere I missed a row... had to rip the WHOLE sucker out. But I hope this time it works out. I just finished the third body repeat and making sure I am on the correct row/side. It may be hard to tell from the picture, but the color is cream (hence the dirty snow). I will eventually be a gift, I dont know who, but someone. Also, when its done, would someone mind blocking it for me since I have no pins or wires?????

Its about time.....

that i took a picture of my mini tree. Its only 2 feet tall but it still brings that holiday spirit into the room. I just love the blue ornaments against the red of the tree. Also included is a nice shot of my chest.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snow, Snow, snow

Well, i was finally able to get the camera and took a few pictures of the winter wonderland that is the outside. The pictures of the trees aren't as great as they would have been the first day the snow came but you can see what has become of them. Also, if you have forgotten, there are 20 days til my birthday.....plenty of shopping days.

Friday, December 01, 2006

22 days to go

December has finally come around. I love this time of year....why? Its the month I was born in, on the 23 day to be exact. This year is a bit different. I turn the big three O, yep, 30 years. Big plans? Not sure but I'm sure some vodka will be drunk.

Sorry for the lack of pictures but the camera is not on hand. I wish I could have taken a few pictures of the world outside my warm house. The whole city is covered in a snow/ice mix. The icy trees look beautiful but dangerous. I also have started and finished a few projects that I need to show off. Also, for 2007, I decided to ignore the whole resolutions things, since they always gets broken the next, and just to make a list of projects to work on. I have about 8 projects that I hope to finish in 2007. I know that is a few compared to some craftoholics out there, but I just don't know what else to do. If you have any suggestions for a project, just email or leave a comment. I knit, crochet, loom, and known to do a little sewing. Also, I am a slowwww knitter....keep that in mind.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

turkey day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

gobble gobble gobble

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

First sold piece

Yes, I sold my first blanket. A coworker asked if I could make a baby blanket for one of her friends. Have yarn, will create. My photography skills suck, so the colors dont come out very well., but you get the gist of it.

Also included in this post is the beading project that i have been working on. Three more squares to go. What do you think?

Friday, November 17, 2006


.. I , um, I mean "Jane" finished the crocheted blanket. It looks really nice and very neat. Tight stitches. NIce and neat rectangular blanket. You go girl!

3, 3 , 3 projects at once

Yes, you read it right , three projects going on at the same time. I have divided my evenings to three projects to have them finished asap....Make that four projects (one lying in the background). Each project gets an hour after work. Maybe more depending if I'm on a roll.

A coworker asked for a baby blanket, one that needs to be done asap because the person is due any minute. I had to start that blanket five times. I just could not get a good pattern going. It turned out that the yarn I bought wash the problem. I still may use it.

The other is the beading project I have been working on. I am in the final stretch. I have about four squares to go , seaming, and a bit of sewing. This sucker has taken forever, but some of the squares have come out really cute. I am so ready to be done with it. I cant tell you how many times I've stabbed myself with the needle.

And I have started on another pair of socks. I know, I said never again ( I seem to say that a lot), but after putting on my first pair (slipper clogs), I have the urge to make another pair..... This time with heels. The reason .... When I put on my first pair, I felt giddy, yes giddy. And they felt so good on my feet. The green pair is still on the needles but I think I will frog it soon. This new pair is made with gossamer yarn from knitpicks. Its SO soft . Once I get the camera, I'll add a few pics.

The fourth project is the top down sweater... Its on the back burner until I finish the three... Or maybe just the beading project and blanket.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

world series champs

THEY DID IT!!!!! The Cardinals won. What else is there to say??? Nothing except..... party!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Current projects

Still working on the beading project, but, man, its taking FOREVER. I have finished 17 squares out of a million (really its about 33 ). Instead of doing one at a time, I've bumped it up to three. They may take longer but it feels as though I have accomplished more. My goal is to have it done by the end of the year. We'll see.

I know I said I would stop knitting but after getting my Barbara walker book, I felt compelled to start. I am going to make a top down sweater. I have so many questions. Watch out knitty board !! Here is the pic of my current state of it. Still working on the collar part.

There was a girl named "Jane"

Okay, let me tell you about my friend "Jane". Before she knew how to knit, she crocheted. Also, mind you, this was before "Jane" knew what nice yarns felt like. One day she decided to buy some nice yarn, at the time was LB homespun. She crocheted a blanket for what was going to be her new house. She had made blankets before and knew how many stitches it would take to make a nice size blanket...... 77 with a Q hook. So she chained the correct amount and continued on changing colors to make a blanket that looked like a ripple of waves. When she was done....... The blanket was way to long and not wide enough. NO, she didn't want to start over so she folded the long strip in half and sewed the piece together forming something that resembled a clam (ocean theme here). She thought that when she had time she would do things over..... The correct way. Since then "Jane " releaned how to knit. She bought herself one of those novelty needles (US 50)..... She tried.. But it was odd working with such huge needles, plus things did not look right. So, she continued to unravel the blanket and wind it into a ball. For "Jane" this was about 2 months ago and she still has the ball lying on here living room floor. (Feet added for scale ( women's size 7.5)..... man, someone needs a pedicure).

Thursday, October 19, 2006


oh my! they actually did it. The CARDS beat the Mets! All it took was 7 games. To fair, the Mets were pretty good. There were times I had my doubts, but tonight i can sleep happy. I thought i was going to write about knitting and such, but, no, maybe tomorrow.

GO CARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

this just in....


yes, my redbirds have made it past the padres to move on. This time around they were the underdogs, but they showed all the nay sayers. Next up, the Mets. I say my boys win in five.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Expanding the library

Even though I am taking a break from knitting, that hasn't stoppped me from buying more books for it. From reading other blogs, many sing the praises of Elizabeth Zimmermann (EZ for short). So I acquired two books by her, Knitting without tears and the Almanac. I have also seen wonderous colored quilts by Denyse Schmidt. So I bought the quilt it kit by her. Cant wait to get started on some of the projects. Aren't coupons for books great??

side note: whether its blogger or my computer, it better get its act together b/c I would REALLY like to post some pictures.

side note 2: I forgot, you can see the pictures in my yahoo photo in sidebar

Switching gears

Since I have so many hobbies, I feel as th ough I have to rotate through them just so I dont forget how to do something. I was getting a bit bogged down with knitting, so I switched to beading. For instant gratification, I made this black crocheted rope. I've also started on a mystrey project. Can you guess what I"m making?

Monday, September 04, 2006


Sam is my craft room/computer room watchdog. He makes sure that no one takes my yarn and that I put things away.

If you cant tell, he likes his belly rubbed.

Lady Eleanor

Well, its done. The yarn is Noro Silk garden in shade 65 (6 balls) and 205 (2 balls). The fringe is moonlight mohair. Its hard to capture the true colors of the wrap but I think the pictures are close enough. Not sure the actual length but it is over 5 feet. For now, its unblocked.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Okay, go this cute idea while making the mitred squared. If you look at the pictures you see my idea and my problem. Does anyone know how to make a square starting from the diagonal. I posted my problem on a few boards. I'm confused a bit more. Basically, I want it done in stockinette stitch but from all the replys, its best done in garter. If it did it in garter, my problems would be solved but I am stubborn, I want stockinette....... anyone, help me please.

UFO and FO

One of my current projects is the dishcloth. Yep, i got that bug too. Normally, i am not a dishcloth fan but since i started making this one, I have t his urge to make another one. Damn these urges, they get me into so much trouble.

The other is a picture of my punchneedle kit. It was fast and fun. I have since bought more fabric and floss to create my own design. First, I have to finish off some of my knitting projects (running out of room on my sofa).

Sock story, the long and short of it

Every blog that I looked at had people making socks. I, not a big sock fan (those puppies come off the minute I get home), figured to be considered a knitter you have to make a pair of socks in your lifetime. So I went on the web and found me some sock yarn. Cute, stripy, why not. So now what pattern? So many to choose from. As I sat and waited for my purchase to come, I kept checking the website from where I bought my yarn to see what state my yarn was traveling through. I realized two things..... I cant read and that my math sucks. From the website...You need two skeins....Not one... To make a pair of socks. Wow...I'm stupid. Okay.... Maybe I will make anklets since I don't like long socks, that may save on yardage. Oh look! Toe up patterns....Maybe I'll have two socks, not one. Am I really going to wear these????? Well, I do like clogs...Maybe some thing for them?

yep, those are my finished clog slips. And I do have some yarn left over. Any ideas???
so I found this lovely green stripe yarn. ooo ooo socks. Getting this far I came to the conclusion I don't want to continue. Its pretty, its stripy, and I'm bored. Is there a period of waiting before you completely frog a project?

got the camera

Remember when i said i was working on another purse? Well, I changes my mind. I got the mitred square bug and thought that it would make a cute felted purse. For some reason, I think that this is going to become a felted pillow.

Here is the picture of the purse I made with nylon thread. I think the paw print lining goes quite well. Plus, you got to love fabric glue for the no sew look. I use this purse as my knitting bag. Especially for small projects when i go to the parents' house.

Monday, July 31, 2006


okay, another post without picstures but i promised once i get the camera i will take pictures of all the wonderful things i have done and what are lying around.

I finished my first purse. I used nylon thread in a green/blue/yellow mix. My own design. It was done using tunsian crochet. I also lined it with a cute paw print. I know, hard to imagine without a picture, but soon, i promise. I must have picked up the purse making bug, because I bought some wool yarn to make a felted purse. Its going to be brown and white, no particular pattern. I have never felted before so this is going to be a fun experiment.

While roaming through the craft store i came across punchneedles. I haven't done such a thing since i was a kid. I picked up a cute martini glass kit. I about an evening I was done. I already have an idea for my own creation.

Lady Eleanor is coming along. I have started on the 5/8 skein. It is getting very long....i'm so exciting. I cant wait for it to be done.

The loomed blanket is going to take forever. But eventually will be done....i hope.

I also signed up for a loom exchange in one of my groups. I have an idea for the dishcloth I want to make. Dont want to say much as not to spoil the surprise.

Also working on a pair of socks... sort of. I will tell the story once I finish and post a picture.

Came up with a cute pattern. I think its going to be cute. It is based on my name. I think i swatch it tonight or tomorrow and see if I like it.

I know there is something else but the heat has fried my brains, maybe i'll remember later.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Boy am I tired

Its been a crazy weekend for me. I am so ready to zonk out. Yesterday was my dad's birthday. We had a party at a Russian restaurant. It was a blast. I have never seen my dad dance so much in his life. After lots of dancing and drinking I got home around 1 am. There was so much food and cake left over. Mom of course volunteered me to take home the food since she claims there is no room in hers. I think I have enough there to last me a few years. Lucky me, I got "volunteered" to have an early dinner at my house for our guests from out of town and a few others. I am SO ready for bed.

In the middle of all this I did have some time to work on a few projects....Okay, one. Lady E have been put off for a bit. But she is one here way to be done. I have about 3.5 skeins left to do. I have also started a crocheted purse. I had bought some nylon thread for another purse, but I didn't like the way it was going, also the purse was worked in rounds, which I cant stand. This one is being done with Tunisian crochet and is very cute if I do say so my self. I also did a little splurging last week. Bought a knitting book and a bead crochet book (more projects on my to do list). Then I bought some nice yarns from I wanted to make the skirt that is one the cover of vogue knitting and I want to knit my first pair of socks. Being the dumb a$$ that I am, I didn't buy enough for the socks. Luckily, a LYS (sad to say is going out of business) was still open. I bought enough yarn to finish the socks and added some addi turbo needles to my collection.

I promised a friend that I would finish the projects I have before I move on to news. Yeah, well I think I'm about to break that promise....I want to start on my socks. What is a girl to do?????

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I want to be in pictures

okay, as i promised pictures.

1. 1st quilt
2. rolled needle case
3. little green monster
4. unrolled needle case (yes, i have more needles than pictured, i haven't had the chance to put them in yet)
5. 1st attempt at a needle case (still unfinished)

Friday, June 30, 2006

Busy busy busy

I 've been keeping myself occupied for a while now. I have finished a basketweave pillow from the book Modular Knits by Iris Schreier. There are a few others projects in the book that look neat.

I've also been working on Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style. It is going to take a while but I think its going to be worth it. I even shelled out a few extra bucks for some nice Noro yarn. Don't you just love the color?

Okay, so I said that I would never sew again......It called to me. So I decided to make my own needle case. The first attempt was okay. Quickly learned what not to do. I still have to finish it but will make some alterations. The second one is nice. Found some great patterned fabric. Another lesson learned......My "sewing machine", which I have nicknamed " the little green monster" does not like to sew through more than three sheets of fabric. Big problem right? No, because once in a while the brain works and I bought fabric glue......Good girl. Hopefully I will be able to take some more pictures in the morning when everything looks nice and the flash doesn't overexpose things.