Friday, December 22, 2006

dirty shet

I finally got the shetland triangle done. I dont know, but mine seems a bit tiny. no, i didn't take time to swatch, i know, bad girl. Its cute though. It will still be a gift but they have to use it as a head scarf or give it to some kid to play dress up. I dont have the exact measurements since my tape went missing. After this weekend's clean up, maybe i'll find it.
now that i see the looks really cute.


Monika said...

Congratulations on you first lace! I've been meaning to knit this as well, soon ...
I like it that it's tiny! I don't wear shawls, but would use it as a scarf over a jacket or just around my neck, scarflike.
I'll say Happy Birthday right now, because tomorrow I'll be busy! My advise: enjoy every minute of your life, don't grow up entirely, life mindful, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Susan said...

Very pretty. It looks like you could block it out bigger too. Regardless, a job well done.