Sunday, August 27, 2006


Okay, go this cute idea while making the mitred squared. If you look at the pictures you see my idea and my problem. Does anyone know how to make a square starting from the diagonal. I posted my problem on a few boards. I'm confused a bit more. Basically, I want it done in stockinette stitch but from all the replys, its best done in garter. If it did it in garter, my problems would be solved but I am stubborn, I want stockinette....... anyone, help me please.

UFO and FO

One of my current projects is the dishcloth. Yep, i got that bug too. Normally, i am not a dishcloth fan but since i started making this one, I have t his urge to make another one. Damn these urges, they get me into so much trouble.

The other is a picture of my punchneedle kit. It was fast and fun. I have since bought more fabric and floss to create my own design. First, I have to finish off some of my knitting projects (running out of room on my sofa).

Sock story, the long and short of it

Every blog that I looked at had people making socks. I, not a big sock fan (those puppies come off the minute I get home), figured to be considered a knitter you have to make a pair of socks in your lifetime. So I went on the web and found me some sock yarn. Cute, stripy, why not. So now what pattern? So many to choose from. As I sat and waited for my purchase to come, I kept checking the website from where I bought my yarn to see what state my yarn was traveling through. I realized two things..... I cant read and that my math sucks. From the website...You need two skeins....Not one... To make a pair of socks. Wow...I'm stupid. Okay.... Maybe I will make anklets since I don't like long socks, that may save on yardage. Oh look! Toe up patterns....Maybe I'll have two socks, not one. Am I really going to wear these????? Well, I do like clogs...Maybe some thing for them?

yep, those are my finished clog slips. And I do have some yarn left over. Any ideas???
so I found this lovely green stripe yarn. ooo ooo socks. Getting this far I came to the conclusion I don't want to continue. Its pretty, its stripy, and I'm bored. Is there a period of waiting before you completely frog a project?

got the camera

Remember when i said i was working on another purse? Well, I changes my mind. I got the mitred square bug and thought that it would make a cute felted purse. For some reason, I think that this is going to become a felted pillow.

Here is the picture of the purse I made with nylon thread. I think the paw print lining goes quite well. Plus, you got to love fabric glue for the no sew look. I use this purse as my knitting bag. Especially for small projects when i go to the parents' house.