Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sock story, the long and short of it

Every blog that I looked at had people making socks. I, not a big sock fan (those puppies come off the minute I get home), figured to be considered a knitter you have to make a pair of socks in your lifetime. So I went on the web and found me some sock yarn. Cute, stripy, why not. So now what pattern? So many to choose from. As I sat and waited for my purchase to come, I kept checking the website from where I bought my yarn to see what state my yarn was traveling through. I realized two things..... I cant read and that my math sucks. From the website...You need two skeins....Not one... To make a pair of socks. Wow...I'm stupid. Okay.... Maybe I will make anklets since I don't like long socks, that may save on yardage. Oh look! Toe up patterns....Maybe I'll have two socks, not one. Am I really going to wear these????? Well, I do like clogs...Maybe some thing for them?

yep, those are my finished clog slips. And I do have some yarn left over. Any ideas???
so I found this lovely green stripe yarn. ooo ooo socks. Getting this far I came to the conclusion I don't want to continue. Its pretty, its stripy, and I'm bored. Is there a period of waiting before you completely frog a project?

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Auntie Carrot from Knitlist said...

Hi there, this is my first time on your blog and I was reading my knitlist and one thing led to another (know what I mean?) and I was very impressed with how beautiful your Scarf Style scarf turned out; BEAUTIFUL!!! anyway, just thought I'd let you know that relative to the sock yarn you ran out of, it is fun to knit two different socks :)....It's totally fun to wear two completely different and contrasting socks; not at all like having a navy blue on one foot and a black on the other which looks more like a low-light accident. :)...Your socks are very cute...have fun. Nice Blog!!!