Friday, May 26, 2006

scientist at heart

i keep forgetting to give a tour of my blog. i know it is plain and simple but the scientist in me has to explain things. on the side bar.... there is a link to my pics on yahoo. i will try to add more pics to this blog, but i have to remember to take pics of things before i give things away. if i havent done so already, i have added a link to my job.... the link is labeled "hell" (obvious reasons). i also added links to blogs from people that are from some of the yahoo groups i belong to. if you like, i can add your's too. just email me. hopefully i will be able to add more when i figure out some things.

LOST, are you ?

okay, i can admit it, i am a LOST junkie. i know there are many of you out there. I even work with a few. i cant wait for next season. so, what do most people think....

1. do you think locke, eko, and desmond are alive?
2. do you think that jack planned on being caught ( all the head nodding)?
3. do you think michael is in on the plan and will come back to help?
4. whats up with the weird signal/ magnetic thing?
5. claire and charlie.....a good thing?

anything anyone wants to add/comment?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

actually needle knitting

i finally (a few weeks ago) stated a needle knit project. I decieded on a chapotis pattern i found at i just finished the second section.... still a bit away from anything that looks like a finished project. but that is my nature..... so many unfinished projects. hopefully it will come out nice. may be one of these days i will post a pic of it in progress.

that also reminds me that i have to take a picture of the baby blankets/hat that i make for a few friends that are expecting. they were loom knitted, i must say i was over joyed how they came out.

Friday, May 12, 2006

New beginnings

Finally decided to do this......start my own blog. the other one i couldn't really do what i wanted....created interesting posts. cant wait to add all my crafty things on to this