Monday, July 31, 2006


okay, another post without picstures but i promised once i get the camera i will take pictures of all the wonderful things i have done and what are lying around.

I finished my first purse. I used nylon thread in a green/blue/yellow mix. My own design. It was done using tunsian crochet. I also lined it with a cute paw print. I know, hard to imagine without a picture, but soon, i promise. I must have picked up the purse making bug, because I bought some wool yarn to make a felted purse. Its going to be brown and white, no particular pattern. I have never felted before so this is going to be a fun experiment.

While roaming through the craft store i came across punchneedles. I haven't done such a thing since i was a kid. I picked up a cute martini glass kit. I about an evening I was done. I already have an idea for my own creation.

Lady Eleanor is coming along. I have started on the 5/8 skein. It is getting very long....i'm so exciting. I cant wait for it to be done.

The loomed blanket is going to take forever. But eventually will be done....i hope.

I also signed up for a loom exchange in one of my groups. I have an idea for the dishcloth I want to make. Dont want to say much as not to spoil the surprise.

Also working on a pair of socks... sort of. I will tell the story once I finish and post a picture.

Came up with a cute pattern. I think its going to be cute. It is based on my name. I think i swatch it tonight or tomorrow and see if I like it.

I know there is something else but the heat has fried my brains, maybe i'll remember later.