Sunday, July 16, 2006

Boy am I tired

Its been a crazy weekend for me. I am so ready to zonk out. Yesterday was my dad's birthday. We had a party at a Russian restaurant. It was a blast. I have never seen my dad dance so much in his life. After lots of dancing and drinking I got home around 1 am. There was so much food and cake left over. Mom of course volunteered me to take home the food since she claims there is no room in hers. I think I have enough there to last me a few years. Lucky me, I got "volunteered" to have an early dinner at my house for our guests from out of town and a few others. I am SO ready for bed.

In the middle of all this I did have some time to work on a few projects....Okay, one. Lady E have been put off for a bit. But she is one here way to be done. I have about 3.5 skeins left to do. I have also started a crocheted purse. I had bought some nylon thread for another purse, but I didn't like the way it was going, also the purse was worked in rounds, which I cant stand. This one is being done with Tunisian crochet and is very cute if I do say so my self. I also did a little splurging last week. Bought a knitting book and a bead crochet book (more projects on my to do list). Then I bought some nice yarns from I wanted to make the skirt that is one the cover of vogue knitting and I want to knit my first pair of socks. Being the dumb a$$ that I am, I didn't buy enough for the socks. Luckily, a LYS (sad to say is going out of business) was still open. I bought enough yarn to finish the socks and added some addi turbo needles to my collection.

I promised a friend that I would finish the projects I have before I move on to news. Yeah, well I think I'm about to break that promise....I want to start on my socks. What is a girl to do?????

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