Friday, October 20, 2006

There was a girl named "Jane"

Okay, let me tell you about my friend "Jane". Before she knew how to knit, she crocheted. Also, mind you, this was before "Jane" knew what nice yarns felt like. One day she decided to buy some nice yarn, at the time was LB homespun. She crocheted a blanket for what was going to be her new house. She had made blankets before and knew how many stitches it would take to make a nice size blanket...... 77 with a Q hook. So she chained the correct amount and continued on changing colors to make a blanket that looked like a ripple of waves. When she was done....... The blanket was way to long and not wide enough. NO, she didn't want to start over so she folded the long strip in half and sewed the piece together forming something that resembled a clam (ocean theme here). She thought that when she had time she would do things over..... The correct way. Since then "Jane " releaned how to knit. She bought herself one of those novelty needles (US 50)..... She tried.. But it was odd working with such huge needles, plus things did not look right. So, she continued to unravel the blanket and wind it into a ball. For "Jane" this was about 2 months ago and she still has the ball lying on here living room floor. (Feet added for scale ( women's size 7.5)..... man, someone needs a pedicure).

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