Sunday, September 24, 2006

Expanding the library

Even though I am taking a break from knitting, that hasn't stoppped me from buying more books for it. From reading other blogs, many sing the praises of Elizabeth Zimmermann (EZ for short). So I acquired two books by her, Knitting without tears and the Almanac. I have also seen wonderous colored quilts by Denyse Schmidt. So I bought the quilt it kit by her. Cant wait to get started on some of the projects. Aren't coupons for books great??

side note: whether its blogger or my computer, it better get its act together b/c I would REALLY like to post some pictures.

side note 2: I forgot, you can see the pictures in my yahoo photo in sidebar

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Carol said...

The "Knitting without tears" is a great book. I borrowed it from the library to see if I would want to buy it, and I must say it is a really good book. It's now on the wish list...And I find Blogger can be really slow uploading pics if it's "peak time". Try it late in the evening or early morning.