Saturday, June 17, 2006

Quilting.....Sort of

I was at my local Michaels wondering around, looking for something to use my 40% coupon on. I did about two laps around the store when I found it. It was a starter kit for quilting. I had noticed before that they had fabric on sale.. Real cute...Like for a baby. Plus it would give me a chance to use my mini sewing machine that I bought for ten bucks. So I bought it. Last night and this morning I finished a baby size quilt.
Reasons I will never (probably never) attempt this again:
1. You need an engineer degree to thread the machine
2. Stupid thread kept breaking every 5 minutes.
3. I cant cut straight (even with a guide)
4. I cant sew straight (even with a guide)
5. Pins and me don't mix
6. Big projects and little machines don't work well together
7. I cant sew straight (even with a guide)
8. Don't care to measure for an even seam (not a surprise since I hate to make swatches for knitting and crocheting)
9. I think I was not in my right mind when I bought this stuff
10. Stupid thread kept breaking

Even with ALL the problems, it came out cute, even though all the sides are not even (see REASONS 3 and 4). Once I find my camera, I will post a pic. Any one have a bandage I can use?

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