Saturday, June 10, 2006

looming trial and error

I can up with this wonderful idea to loom. Provo craft came out with a new set of looms that can be used in several different ways. i thought it would be neat idea if i could make a quilt out of yarn. The pic is my first attempt. I already have a few issues with it but i think i know how to fix it. of course, if there is a loomer out there who may have a better ear are open. The first thing i dont like is the orange/green columns. i did that so i would not have any gaps in my work. but i dont like how it looks, maybe gaps willl be okay since it seems to smush together very well. also, the reason i wanted to do this was because on board knitting the front and back are the same, with my swatch, the back is green , so the swatch resembles a quilt with backing. i even thought about adding batting to the colored sections so they would puff out ( the reason for no gaps). so any ideas? suggestions? comments?

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