Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mardi gras

Every Febuary in Saint Louis we have our Mardi Gras parade and drunkfest. This year I got to go with my friends Mel and Chris. Two others chickened out due to the cold weather and snow. But not us. The above pics are my haul for the year. Half were caught and the other half I scavenged from the ground (what else is a short person to do in a sea of giants???)And if your wondering if any skin was bared....nope. The reasons for it are 1)its a family parade (drunkfest after) 2)too fricken cold 3)dont want to scare others 4) I dont bare for crappy beads...only REALLY good ones (FYI... the rubber ducky one was bought ). But it was a blast. After the parade, we walked around Soulard a bit. Enjoyed the drunks making fools of themselves, had some hot food and drinks. Came home with wet feet, a bit of a sunburn, and ready crash on the couch.

Gotta love mardi gras....if you are in the area next year, you should come on down

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Beth said...

Hi, I have stumbled across your blog via , WNTC..I too liked the crocheted thong... I have actually been looking for a crochet version of this pattern because they have made this ( in a knit version) into a tank top. yes, you need to add another one LOL. and invert it ROFL! So I am wanting to try this pattern out. Do you happen to still have the pattern from your calander? I am at dangerouscrochet.blogspot

Thanks for your time !