Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year

well a new year is here and time to start things anew. No resolutions this year since i never keep up with them. Instead I decided to make a list of projects that I want to complete this year. I know the list is short, but some of the projects will take a whole year, plus you gotta leave room for new patterns that show up. So here is my list:

1. potamous (sp??) socks...from
2. top down sweater (Barbara walker inspired)
3. blanket for my aunt (??????)
4. crafty punchneedle sign...mine
5. star of india bracelet...beadwork
6. sewn pillow....denyse schmidt
7. modern quilt...denyse schmidt
8. reverse chevron scarf....iris schreier
9. patchwork handbag....amy butler
10. find way to reduce my a$$

I have started on #1 and #2. and will need help on #3. and with #6,#7, and#9 I need to get a real sewing machine and practice before I start on the real projects.and for #10 , I'm looking for a good elliptical.

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